Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something to be happy about

Just look at that happy face - makes you smile right back at her.  Can't wait to hear the baby chortle that goes along with it - 5 more sleeps!  Another thing that makes me happy is that Spring is finally here.  The tree we planted our second summer here at the cottage is bursting with bright green leaves.  I wonder what season it will be when Charlotte's house is finally completed and ready for the road trip to deliver it?


The other happy thing is that the dollhouse kit arrived - all 43 pounds of it.  All 252+ pieces of it.   114 of those are just in this one little bag.....   

I didn't even think about trying to count all the pieces in this bag.
 Let's just say there are LOTS!
(update - yup - LOTS - there are 1400 shingles)

I guess I best get busy - have 25 pages of instructions to read through with a very small font size.  Yay.  The main structure will go together pretty fast.  If you're going to choose a dollhouse kit, you can't go wrong with the quality of a Real Good Toys kit.  

So Karalee - this is a heads up.  Once the main structure is together it'll be ready for priming and then for the exterior colour scheme.    Do you have any thoughts on that yet? 

What  do you think of these combinations? 
 Darker tone on the shingles?


I know - lots of decisions - style and now colours too.  Your job will be easy after this though.  You can just sit back and watch the progress.  And maybe do the odd shop to find the perfect fabrics.

You think on that and I'll get out the wood glue
 and my trusty square.

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  1. Oh my gosh, 1400 shingles-that is crazy. I may have to send you home with some wine!!

    So, I absolutely adore the exterior of the house with the American flag. It is so pretty!! And the colour palettes are fantastic, I can't wait to pour over them when you're here.

    We need to start thinking of a name for Charlotte's house because I don't think Princess Palace is going to fly with Matthew :)

    We're down to four sleeps and I'm so excited to see you and Charlotte has some stories she's dying to tell you!!