Friday, April 20, 2012

House Hunting

So the first step was finding a house - one we could both agree on....

It couldn't be too large for two reasons:
1. Not require a moving van and four strong men to move it.  2. Be completed before Charlotte turns 30.  

It needed to be a style we both could have fun with - Karalee's home is called the Princess Palace and ours is known as The Cottage.  And it needed to be a design that can be played with while Charlotte is young yet follow her into adulthood. 

We didn't need to search for long or far as the perfect little house was in the April Fool's Internet sale from HBS/     A charming Arts and Crafts styled bungalow from Real Good Toys.  

34 3/8 W x 26 1/4 H x 22 3/4 D
Interior walls can be easily moved or adapted to fit our vision
So it's ordered and on it's way to British Columbia, Canada all the way from Atlanta, Georgia for a mere shipping charge of $72.95.  The estimated 3 to 4 weeks that it will take to arrive will give us plenty of time to decide on exterior colours and porch style.  Will it be brick or stone or wood or........will definitely have to have wicker furniture!

I'm so excited - haven't had a chance to do any miniatures since we downsized & bought our own little bungalow  (The Cottage) in 2006 and began the extensive renovations.  My workshop and studio area's are finally all set to play in now though  and this is the perfect first project to immerse myself in.  Having Karalee's input with her flair for style and design  makes this project even better. 

The fun part starts now Karalee!  Ready to make some decisions?

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