Thursday, April 19, 2012

So...this all starts here...with the arrival of  Charlotte Zimre Lawson on January 31st, 2012.  

Actually it started in the spring of 1987 when we moved across the street from a little girl named Karalee who soon won our hearts and became a much loved member of our family.  A precious daughter so graciously shared with us by her mom &dad.   Over the years that bond has grown and strengthened as life had us sharing both special times and sad tears. 

When Charlotte arrived we were stumped.  How do you choose a lasting gift that says without words - we love you.  Something that takes the little things that tie us together and showcases them.  Breaking those things down made it easy.  What is important - family.  What says family?  Home.   What do we share?  A love of creating, of design & style, of order...of shopping :)  What better way to tie all that together than with a dollhouse?  And how fun it will be to have a project to work on together even though we live too far apart.  

So that's why the blog. It will be a place to share idea's and inspiration for colours and design etc, so that it can be a seamless blend of our different styles and  a way to keep tabs on the progress.  Hopefully one day Charlotte will cherish the little house that her mom & Gramma Deb created for her.

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