Friday, April 20, 2012

Never doubt the power of Curb Appeal

Had a great conversation (if you can say that when it's completely done through text messaging....I love text messaging) with Karalee this morning.  We're off to a great start as it sounds like we're on the same wave length for interior colour schemes!  It's kind of scary how we do that sometimes.  I mentioned to her that I've been really drawn to the aqua's, robins egg,  soft sea blues and greens etc while browsing for inspiration on Pinterest.  She said that sounded perfect because they'd just finished painting Charlotte's bedroom at the Princess Palace what Kalista calls "Tiffany Blue". 

(I know....some of you are very surprised that I'm not going with the Canuck's Blue & Green.....)

Everyone has their own way of approaching a project.  I'm a Planner.  I like to spend a lot of time just thinking about options and possibilities before I even bring out my favourite x-acto knife.  This method works well for me as I'm able to envision every step with any possible issues and think them through.  This avoids expensive problems  in both  time and $$.  Usually the planning stage takes more time than the actual construction. With the planning done, the really fun part can start - the shopping!  Once all that is pretty much settled, the actual construction goes along pretty quickly.  

I know it seems like I'm harassing her about choices before the ink's even dry on the Visa slip on the kit but there are reasons for that.  Really - there is.  For one thing, we want Charlotte's house to tie in with the decor in Karalee's house.  Trust me on this - she's a detail perfectionist so it's important.  I'm not sure where she picked that trait up from...also, I know she'll enjoy this part of the process every bit as much as me.

Another important detail to consider is that the exterior colours of the house should compliment the interior but without being matchy matchy.  Matchy matchy is not good. 

Some of you are thinking...all this for a dolls house?  Yes - and more.  Dolls houses are sweet and  very appealing but cutesy play things that end up given away when outgrown is not what we're after here.   Oh no - we're after SO much more.  Charlotte's house will not be like either of these perfectly sweet little houses.  

So Karalee - we have 10 more sleeps until Grampa Kim & I arrive and can finally have our turn at cuddles with baby Charlotte.  We have an idea in our heads about the interior decor but need to nail that down by choosing what the exterior will be like to compliment those choices.  Tomorrow I'm going to upload some actual Arts & Crafts bungalows for inspiration.  Start thinking about whether you like the look of stone or brick or wood or a combination and then what mix of colours to set that off.  

After we arrive and Grampa Kim is finally getting his turn with Charlotte we'll be ready to do one of the things we enjoy doing together (drink wine) and make some plans.  Then we can do the other thing we really enjoy doing together (shop) and get this ball rolling.  I have a feeling Kalista will enjoy this second part as much as we will :)

Chintz & Co. and Maria & Tomas - here we come!  

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