Monday, February 11, 2013

Hurry it UP Gramma!!

Even the best nature'd of babies are 
allowed to get cranky
 when things have gone on long enough!  

The extended *ahem* brick laying work is now completed - finally!  Finished laying/gluing the last brick yesterday and celebrated with a glass of wine. 



 After everything dried, I took an old broken dental instrument & carved in some lines into the bricks for added definition.  Then dabbed four different colours of paint on the egg cartons to give them a bit of depth and hopefully a bit of realism. 

The egg carton bricks on their own look a lot better than just plain ol' wood but my friend Casey, who I learned this technique from, takes her work to a different level by adding depth with colour so I had to follow her example and give it a try.   


                                                                             I took the colours I've already used & will be   using and watered them down.   Using cheap,     stiff brushes, I started with the tan colour that   was used on the porch and dabbed it on all the bricks.  Next I watered down the deep purplish grey colour even more and did a wash over  various areas, especially the corners and lower areas where dirt would build up.  The light grey that was used on the siding was then taken and  dry brushed over outer most surfaces which  helped give depth. The seafoam blue which will    be the front door colour was also watered down     a lot and just let to seep into the odd spot.  

After the paint dried I sprayed the bricks down with a matte finish sealer by Folk Art.  That will protect the colours already there and give the surface a little bit more of a sturdier surface.  It will also allow me to add dirty "water" washes down the road as required.

The exciting part of all this was that the next stage is on it's way - the second floor is now attached and awaiting walls!            One last word of advice - spraying sealers should actually be done in a well ventilated area....not in a downstairs studio in the middle of a winters day... least it was only -6° today so having all the doors & windows open wasn't too bad....

Sunday, January 06, 2013

At This Rate...

Wow - I had really good intentions on spending the winter months working on Charlie's dollhouse and here it is January and she will be one year old soon!  Course I hadn't planned on my part time job suddenly turning into a full time one.  Ah well - at least I'll have more $ to spend when it comes time to help fill it up. :D

Since my last post, the only thing I've accomplished on it is about 2/3's of the first of two porch posts left to brick up.  Not worth taking a photo of but while the dollhouse has not changed much over the last 7 months, Charlie certainly has!   
Six months old
Halloween Monster- complete with Growls
Over the summer I got a little side tracked by Pinterest but it did help to spruce up my studio space.  I went a little crazy painting furniture... 




My Studio space where Charlie's house is (slowly) evolving is in our basement and while there is a couple windows, the newly tarted up furniture really brightens it up and makes it even nicer to spend time in. I've since done a bit of rearranging since these photo's were taken and much happier with the flow as well.  

So....that said, I do have good intentions of spending more time here and hopefully will have some progress shots for you in the near future!