Sunday, January 06, 2013

At This Rate...

Wow - I had really good intentions on spending the winter months working on Charlie's dollhouse and here it is January and she will be one year old soon!  Course I hadn't planned on my part time job suddenly turning into a full time one.  Ah well - at least I'll have more $ to spend when it comes time to help fill it up. :D

Since my last post, the only thing I've accomplished on it is about 2/3's of the first of two porch posts left to brick up.  Not worth taking a photo of but while the dollhouse has not changed much over the last 7 months, Charlie certainly has!   
Six months old
Halloween Monster- complete with Growls
Over the summer I got a little side tracked by Pinterest but it did help to spruce up my studio space.  I went a little crazy painting furniture... 




My Studio space where Charlie's house is (slowly) evolving is in our basement and while there is a couple windows, the newly tarted up furniture really brightens it up and makes it even nicer to spend time in. I've since done a bit of rearranging since these photo's were taken and much happier with the flow as well.  

So....that said, I do have good intentions of spending more time here and hopefully will have some progress shots for you in the near future!  


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