Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breaking it Down

It's actually amazing how many choices there are for the exterior of a home even when you've decided on a certain style.  Colour has a huge impact but so do the various components used. Since we want to bring a bit of life into our little house what better way to decide on this than by looking at real houses for inspiration. 

These are all photo's of actual Arts & Crafts homes that I found on    Hopefully they are enough to help us envision what we want for the foundation and porch on Charlotte's house.  Look past the colours for now.

Do we want all wood?  Shakes or strips?



Do we want brick?  Natural or painted?




Would we rather have stone?  River rock or flagstone? 



What about a combination?



Do we want the porch railings to be solid or do we want them open?  What about the posts?   Which one appeals to you as a whole?  Which separate components do you like best?  Once we've figured this out we'll talk about possible colour combinations.  

So?  What do you think?  Will be interesting to see if we're on the same wave length with this part....

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