Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Our Beautiful Girls

One more sleep and it's off to Calgary and our beautiful girls.  Looking forward to all the hugs and cuddles and making the most of the short  time we have together.  I have to admit that I'm also really looking forward to spending time with Karalee pouring over colours and design and...shopping!  

It occurred to me that some of you, while you've heard all about our girls, may not have seen photo's of them.  Thought I'd share the photo's that sit on the computer desk in the office where we  can see them every day.  

This is Kalista with her baby sister Charlotte.  Such a beautiful girl in so many ways.  

I will always treasure my memories of Kali as she grew up. 
 How'd that happen so fast?

Kali & KC

Kali, Taz and misc. Webkinz

In the hot tub :)

Love the look on Charlotte's face in this photo with her mom, Karalee. 
 Not another picture!!?!  I'm also struck by how much Kalista looks like her mom especially being in such similar poses.  

Hm.... just noticing how similiar the colours are in our two homes with  very earthy warm tones, yet with Charlottes house we were both drawn to the cool, relaxing colours of the seashore.  Maybe that means once it's completed we'll have to go on a seaside holiday together???  

Will have updates with our decisions when we get back!  

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