Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Presents are Mandatory

..Well..... not really but....yah.  Yah, they are.  

It's actually pretty difficult to be in Quesnel trying to pick up suitable gifts when your loved ones live in a city where they have so many options not available in small, northern town BC.  Still...can't go to visit empty handed - totally not my style.

This is nothing extravagantly special but I'm pretty sure Kali will be able to do something with it and she will know that I had her in my thoughts before I made the trek out across the Rockies to come see her.  Found the idea on http://glitteradventure.blogspot.ca/2006/11/exploding-box-class.html and followed the easy directions.  This is definitely a bookmarked project as it could be used for  so many occasions, baby showers, favourite pets, holidays.....Kali will have to fill in her own favourite photo's and captions (or story lines) for her year as I've only done one but I think this will be a year of significant changes& events in her life so worth saving.  

This is my take on this sweet little project. There's spots for 20 photo's.  

Swarovski crystals added for a bit of necessary Bling

Thank you Anso for a bit of Glitter for my Bling loving Granddaughter :)

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