Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playing with Colour

Funny how something as simple as eye colour should be the deciding factor on what a  colour scheme should be.  One day, while we were enjoying getting to know baby Charlotte, Karalee put her into a new sleeper with in a very pretty  aqua tone which was picked up in Charlottes bright eyes!

Nothing is set in stone yet but these are the colours  from Benjamin Moore I'm being lured by right now.  I'm leaning to Sliver Scallop over Gravel Bank but can't decide between Wave Break or Bells Beach.   The rockery will have a base tone of Peninsula with hits of which ever grey tone is chosen plus the Moontide and Harbor White.  

Any suggestions??

Silver Scallop - siding
Wave Break - door

Moontide - roofing

Harbor White - trim

Peninsula - rockery

Bells Beach - door

Gravel Bank - siding

1 comment:

  1. We had such an amazing visit with Kim and Debi and I'm thrilled Charlotte had some inspiration for Debi as we didn't get to do much scouting for ideas!

    I absolutely love the colors you've chosen Debi. I think Wave Break will be great for the door as long as we use a muted version of it inside. The door should definitely be more bold. I adore the combination and think it will be wonderfully feminine yet classic.