Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sneak Preview....

Finally a bit of excitment!   It's time for the dry fit where you make sure everything fits and see how the pieces all fit together before applying glue.  This is when you figure out if any modifications are necessary as well as mark the spots that should not have paint coverage.  This is where you get to see the actual size and get a better idea of what the l room sizes and wall area will be.  This is the point where it starts to be fun. :)

 And here it is - all held together with gravity and green painters tape.  There's still about 1000 or so pieces left in the box that will need sanding, priming, painting etc but those will wait for their proper time. 

Then it's time to take it all apart and start applying the actual paint.            Nice to see the benefits of all the sanding and priming etc.

Had room on the table so the first coat of primer went on the interior walls.  While that was drying I marked the lines on the                                          various roofing for the gazillion shingles.

It's also time to make some final colour decisions since I didn't go with the original siding colour as it turned out to be darker in person than what I wanted.  Ended up chosing the next tone down - Iced Cube Silver.

It's best to make decisions on  coordinating  colours when you can have some indirect natural lighting.   I was concerned that the original white I'd chosen wouldn't have enough of a contrast against the softer grey.  I think it's going to work out for the best though. Needed to see how they all worked together as a whole.   Made the choices and now need to go visit the nice lady at the paint store before I can go any further.

Siding - Ice Cube Silver
Trim - Decorators White
Roofing - Sea Life
Front Door - Pool Blue
Base tone for rockery - Monroe Bisque

I hope I have enough egg cartons....

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